The NÜVOL Wire

What is the NÜVOL Wire? Well, in short its built to provide a non bias and non advertiser influenced vape related blog/news platform. We will be looking for people just like yourself who have a interest in not only the vaping industry but as well as a passion for delivering great content with accurate and non bias , political, and advertiser influenced stories. 


See, the main problem with most other news related or blog vape related platforms is that they have to make money right? Well, while that is completely ok and pretty standard considering websites, hosting, servers, designers, content writers, etc are not free so somehow they have to pay the bills and most businesses are not in the business to loosing money. So, after months of thinking and talking to many different people here within the offices of NÜVOL as well as customers, affiliates, and other people in general, we decided to create that exact platform. We don’t, nor would we ever add advertising all over our news platform. Typically, its not only annoying but also makes honesty about a potential advertiser sway the direction of the story. That’s not going to happen here!

Please bare with us during this time as we will be constantly improving not only content but as well as appearance and functionality of this platform.